Paul E Parmele
BS Game Art Design/
Freelancer Graphics Artist

My name is Paul Parmele from Tallahassee, Florida home of the  FSU Seminoles  and capital of the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida where the Orange groves’ blossoms fill the air with sweet citrus scents and the Sugar white sands beaches waters sparkle with sunsets, moon shimmers to sunrises.

I am 48 and a graduate of Westwood College, class of 2009.  My goals and dreams are only just the beginning and I am a person who believes that we as humanity are in a constant state of learning no matter how much we think we know.  In other words, I am a person who welcomes new knowledge and skills as technology grows and society evolves.  I welcome everyone to teach me and I will listen and learn to become a part of an ever growing corporate world of the Gaming Industry.
—As an artist, I thrive by inspiration from nature and my surroundings. I become a person who believes in creativity and the ability to bring imagination to life as a tool for soothing humanity’s need to relax and escape everyday stress.  The world has needs and those needs include entertainment and fantasy. These needs are met in the Industry of Game Art and Design, a skilled talent and profession, and transcend the realm of realism to become a muse of fantasy.
—My belief is: In order to have knowledge and skill, we need to learn and the need to learn keeps us in a constant state of anticipation for, and appreciation of learning from others..
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